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A Prayer for Living
May I be in love with life
May I dance with abandon and sing the joys of my soul
May I love my Self fully
May I be confident in my truths
and unafraid of the mysteries
May I always be a seeker of knowledge
and wisely use what I find
May I find harmony with in the Spiral of Life
and be joyous, laughing and singing
May I always be a hearing, feeling part of creation.
May it be so.
A Sojourners Prayer
Goddess of the One Thousand Names
From you I seek to learn perfection in Love and Trust
as I enter the circle of my Self.
Teach me to find my own voice
to heed my own heart
to touch my own soul
to seek my own truth
to taste my own joy
Teach me to love and know my Self
By you, may I find the courage and strength
to face my Shadows and overcome my fears.
May it be so.
There is only love, nothing else
at the end of suffering
and anger
and fear
There remains Love
Through beginnings and ends
only Love will continue
For in Love there is no beginning, no end
Love is law unto all things
in Love so does the Divine create
and it is Love that we have come to learn.
Love is the mighty sword that defeats fear and heals pain
In Love the Divine waits
And in Love shall the Divine remain.


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Immortality is the thing we perceive as being eternal because we are not there at its end.

Pray diligently