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Things of interest on the Net

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The best astrology site ever!!! I have a subscription for a weekly horoscope via e-mail and the accuracy is scary at times.  I highly recommend checking them out.
This a fun site to play with when you don't have anything else to do.  You can get any and every kind of divinatory reading you can imagine from Runes to Tarot to a simple coin flip.  Lots of fun! Literally.
If you are a Froudian, and I am, this is the site for you.  It has imformation on everything Froud and (dumdadadum!) an on-line Faeries Oracle.
On-line info and networking information essential to any pagan or heathen.  The content is mostly geared toward the Wiccans, but the information on local things is highly useful.
Great location for things heathen, local and otherwise.  Some other info, mostly geared toward Theodism, but still a great place to mine.
Diana Paxson's site devoted mostly to Seidhr.  Very informative and rich with ideas.
Debra Koff-Chapins site. 
This site has beautiful fractal art.

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