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Personal Writings II


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Grey Ladies
Grey ladies dancing in the winter mist
how could you know the secrets in your half-light.
To exist in shadows is my life's greatest blessing,
for as I look out into the distance, I can only see the light,
The sacred golden light of the divine.
White is the color I wear, the whiteness of my name upon the sea, breaking at the shoreline.
Still I beckon to her, dark as the sea, cold life giver, the threshold of creation.
She comes into my dreams, this dark woman, carrying her blessing, making the glass clear in my faery tales, bringing her amethyst stones so that I may find the pure White Goddess beneath and within.
Her touch is a fire in my blood and frees my body as the air to a butterfly.
I awake in her embrace, my Self above the cold tombs of the dead and I dance with the Sisters beneath the golden sun.

Borrowed and begged have I
in ways that would have made lustier ones cry salty tears.
All I held dear was swept by the way, beneath a rug, beneath the carpet of the Gods, where none have feared to tread, and I in foolishness could believe myself such a hearty one, so mighty as to cast those gods down upon this waiting earth, to willingly meet a fate of emptiness, drinking from the cup of the faithlessness of mankind.
Those Heroes are left to wait,
no challenges too big, too small, still I am the wraith, I am the simple one who cannot hear the voices of the spirits, for they are too small, too big
A Coward is the master of nothing and a servant to all.   A Coward cannot control herself and seeks to destroy all that is around her.  She devours the souls of her children, showing them her contempt.  She injures her kin without thought to the consequences.  She seeks only for her own desire and want.
A Coward does not see her self for what she is.  Sol comes and turns her to stone.  The wind and rain wear her away until she is a mishapen mass in the middle of the field.  Not even a vague memory of her will remain.

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