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Common Air
A single silvery thread enters me, my diaphragm rises to capture,
 then falls to release a misty cloud.
As I accept air, I accept life, openly, consciously,
then fearlessly release parts of my Self.
With each breath, I occupy the world, dwell in every corner,
and the world occupies me.
In this breathing, we are one, Sharing our divinity, joys and fears.
We are joined together by silvery threads,
entering and leaving our bodies, binding us together, tying us to life,
connecting us to the world and binding us within.
by J.K.M, August 2001


August 16,2009-- Today I saw a flock of Canadian geese flying south.  It's very early for that, here in Oklahoma.  We generally don't see them for at least another month.  I was reminded of the sense of autumn i had early in the month.  There has been a certain shift in energies.  It feels as though the days are moving faster.  I think it will be a cold and hard winter this year.  I can feel it in my body.
The energies that are playing in our society feel so strange to me, as though things are in a heightened state.  Its not just the economy.  It extends into everything.  Change is coming.  We are on the precipice of something large, as a nation, as a global society.  Some kind of shifting is taking place.  I feel an urgency to keep watch and to protect my folk.  The thew and rita of the old ways are now in my consciousness more than ever, the need to make them life rather than religion is stronger than ever.  And then there is a call to return to the well.  It has been years and now I am drawn back. 
Watch what is happening in the world.  We are so distracted with trivial news, reality TV.  Be ever watchful of what the news people are not talking about.
Be wary of lies and hysteria.  Be mindful of propaganda.  There are destructive powers at work.
Hold to your folk.  Ward them and you.  Body and mind.  Be prepared to pull away from the battle that is coming.

Guard the Wights, be mindful of the way in which you tread upon the land.

What's New?

Faith is what keeps the human engine running.  Without it, we might as well cut the motor off.

Joyful Flight

Winter comes and I am left alone to discover what a vast emptiness can offer.
I have seen you, dark woman of the sea, in dreams or on the edge of dreams that may or may not be awakenings.
What is it you have to tell me? your ability to focus my vision and dull my perceptions simultaneously confuses me.
Are you my mother or the mother of all the living, or perhaps all the dead?  When I seek you, I find you there, calm and wise among all the world's knowledge and within it's ignorance.
Are you a fractal?  If I hold my breath will I be able to move freely between your vast spaces, between your vast existences?

Madness of Divinity
Shallow, unremarkable
as we await the transcendent.
Cold, ruthless
Hammer of deceptive presence;
Aloof, Ambivalent
Shoulders cast in bronze;
We await the transcendent.
Heart of darkness, unbreakable
Callous, shameful
Drifting upon soundless waves
crying to be heard,
it awaits us,
Hurry toward itīs presence,
cast over your card of service,
long for a great discipline of mindlessness
that creates nothingness
calling it goodness.
ancient wastefulness,
The cost is higher, transcendent,
leaping forth, to catch upon this stone,
a hardening and sorrow filled
night of storms that crush
through the underbellies
of the destroyed.
Lower yourself down into
its' pit, craving the waste
of naive youth and worn soul. 
Trust not in the evil that men do,
Seek not that which might sustain,
cry out low in the desert sand,
craving heart and bleeding
too hot for that crown.
Breathe the dust of stained earth,
Filter through the frozen heart,
 the unbrokeness of the deepest heart,
the molten ash of that which
will not be sustained
in this place of cost and harm,
where no thing is saved
and every lost thing
shall remain, undoomed,
untouched, ever broken,
and dust worn beneath this
Grave of the gods,
where they lay unbroken,
 unmoved, untouched,
like a viper dragon waiting to consume,
though it no longer hungers
for the taste.
May, 2003 by J.K.M

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